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Becoming a Mentor or Mentee

Iron sharpens iron, and one sharpen one another. (Proverbs 27:17)

Being a mentor is not about what you know, but about listening well, opening up your life to someone, and pointing their eyes always to Christ. And by doing so it has the power to transform lives.  Mentorship has been going on since Jesus walked on the earth, it just wasn’t called that. It is a simple, modern-day way of doing what Jesus did – making disciples.

Discipleship through intentional relationship. Mentoring defined.


  • Desires to grow in his/her relationship with Christ

  • Desires to be taught, equipped, trained and activated for ministry

  • Desires to be taught how to balance life, family and ministry

  • May be struggling with life circumstances

  • Builds a relationship with his/her MENTOR based on respect, trust and honesty

  • Is willing to learn and be accountable to his/her MENTOR

  • Establishes times and methods for availability with his/her MENTOR, committing to group, one-one-one, and/or conference calls as directed by his/her MENTOR

  • Respects appropriate boundaries with his/her MENTOR

  • Is committed to maintaining confidentiality

  • Agrees to being totally obedient, committed, consistent and loyal


  • People Oriented

  • Good Motivator

  • Secure in his/her position

  • Able to give high visibility

  • One who shows regard for another’s wellbeing

  • Example of integrity, honesty and strength

  • Committed to maintaining confidentiality


Let's Make A Change

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